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Masking Tapes, Masking dots and Masking Discs are used for masking during solder wave processing in the Electronic industry, powder coating and other industrial applications. They are also used in shipping and packaging for identification and various other applications. High Temperature masking tapes also known as Kapton® tapes are made of Polyimide material with Silicone adhesive. Solder wave tapes and solder wave discs or dots are made of Crepe paper with adhesive backing.

Polyimide Masking Tapes
Polyimide tapePolyimide Masking Tapes also known as Kapton® tape is made of polyimide film. They are used in masking of circuit board during wave soldering or other electronic manufacturing processes.
Donut Style Masking Discs
Donut style masking discsDonut style masking discs are designed for electronic manufacturing and are primarily used during solder wave process. They are made of 7.3 mil crepe paper and can withstand temperature up to 300°F/150°C.
Blue Masking Tapes
Blue Polyester tapeBlue Masking tapes are used in powder coating, plating and anodizing industry to mask areas that do not require coating or plating. They will remove cleanly without leaving an adhesive residue.
Copper Foil Tape
Copper Foil TapeCopper foil tape is ideal for grounding. It has an electrically conductive pressure sensitive adhesive. It is on a paper liner for optimal adhesion to surfaces. It can withstand temperature up to 500°F.
Low Static Polyimide Masking Discs
Low static Polyimide DiscsLow Static Polyimide Discs are primarily used in circuit board production and wave soldering where static charge is a concern. It can withstand temperature up to 500°F/260°C
Low Static Polyimide Masking Tape
Low static Polyimide tapeLow static Polyimide tape also known as low static Kapton® masking tapes are primarily used in circuit board production, wave soldering and other applications where static charge is a concern.
Yellow Vinyl Masking Tape
Yellow vinyl masking tapeYellow vinyl masking tape is primarily used for plating and anodizing. It is made of 7 mil vinyl film with 1 mil rubber adhesive. Yellow vinyl masking tape can withstand temperature up to 210°F/99°C
Inspection Arrows
inspection arrowsInspection arrows can be permanently affixed or removed without leaving any residue. These inspection arrows are color coded to identify problems areas on a circuit board or any other equipment. Packaged as 1000 per roll.
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