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Solder Wave Masking Tape
  Solder Wave Tape

Solder wave tape is designed for electronic manufacturing and is primarily used during the solder wave process. This wave soldering tape is a superior stain resistant high temperature masking tape. Solder wave tape is constructed with a smoother crepe backing and provides for a finer paint edge with superior color seperation.

Wave soldering tape has a special release coat that eliminates paint and primer flaking problems, resists solvent penetration and provides for a controlled unwind. Priming of the tape backing eliminates adhesive deposition during removal.

It is made of 7.3 mil crepe paper and can withstand temperature up to 300°F/150°C. It is packaged in 3" core and is 60 yds long

Applications: High temperature paint masking, masking of painted metal, plastic and rubber surfaces where staining could be a problem, high temperature holding and splicing applications, industrial bundling uses.

Special sizes are available upon request
Part Number Description Price Qty Purchase
SWT-1/4 1/4" Solder wave masking tape
SWT-1/2 1/2" Solder wave masking tape
SWT-3/4 3/4" Solder wave masking tape
SWT-1 1" Solder wave masking tape
SWT-1 1/2 1 1/2" Solder wave masking tape
SWT-2 2" Solder wave masking tape
SWT-3 3" Solder wave masking tape
SWT-4 4" Solder wave masking tape
SWT-6 6" Solder wave masking tape

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